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What My Onboarding Process Looks Like for My Virtual Assistant Clients

I've been a virtual assistant for over 7 years & my goal has always been to provide my clients with high-quality support to help them grow their businesses faster, more efficiently, and with less stress. Part of achieving that goal is ensuring that my onboarding process is efficient and effective.

I'm excited to share a long-awaited breakdown of what my onboarding process looks like for my virtual assistant clients.

Step 1: Consultation & Discovery Call

The first step in my onboarding process is a consultation/discovery call with potential clients. This helps me understand their needs and determine whether or not I'm the right fit for their business.

During this consultation, we discuss their business goals, the services they need, and their expectations for working with a virtual assistant. It's also an opportunity for me to answer any questions they may have and provide a clear understanding of the services I offer.

I specialize in writing & social media - but some clients might need other services. I either point them in a different direction, or see where my expertise can fit in their business!

Step 2: The Proposal

After our initial consultation, I create a detailed proposal outlining the scope of work, my suggestion for a package, and pricing.

This proposal outlines the specific tasks you're handing over to me (read my blog on How to Delegate Effectively), how often I will be working on your business, and the rates for my services.

If everything looks good to you, I send over a contract to seal the deal & we're ready to rock!

Step 3: The Onboarding Process

Once you accept the proposal & sign the contract, we move on to the onboarding process. This typically involves setting up communication channels, sharing necessary documents & passwords. I love using Asana, so I like to create a project board for my clients & I to use together. This way we can outline tasks and track progress.

I also share my Google Form to collect any information about you I might need.

Step 4: Our Kick-Off Meeting

The next step is our kick-off meeting. This meeting helps me understand the client's working style, communication preferences, and expectations.

During this meeting, we review the project board and ensure that we are on the same page about priorities and deadlines. It's also an opportunity for the client to provide any additional information or materials needed to start the project.

Step 5: Ongoing Support

After the initial meeting, I start working on the tasks outlined in the project board. Throughout the project, I maintain ongoing communication with the client and provide regular updates on the progress. I also ensure that the work is completed on time, accurately, and to the client's satisfaction.

My onboarding process is designed to ensure that my clients receive the support they need to grow their businesses effectively.

If you're interested in learning more about my services or have any questions, let's chat!

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