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What I've Been Up To Lately & What's On The Horizon!

It's been a while since we've talked & I figured - what better than to let you in on what my life has looked like lately through my new blog!

As a full-time marketing manager & virtual assistant, I'm always busy managing projects for my clients and staying up to date on the latest trends. But I also have a life outside of work - a pretty busy one! I've done a lot in the past few months - so, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and let's catch up on what I've been up to lately!

I turned 26!

In December, I turned 26 - and I had a lot of goals for this year! Here are a few & how they've been going. No sugar-coating either! 100% realness over here.

Eating Healthy

I love cooking, so this was such an exciting one for me. I love following foodie accounts on Instagram & having this goal in mind everywhere I go has been a game-changer.

Although I don't eat healthy every day, I try to stay on a really good routine with healthy & hearty eating. I feel better & have so much more energy when I stay consistent with this.

Creating Healthy Habits

The habits I wanted to improve were waking up early, going to bed on time, and having nighttime/morning/daily routines.

I've been doing great with going to bed on time. Waking up early though? A struggle! I'm not an early riser & never have been. I'm slowly trying to change this about myself though! I always give myself grace when I struggle to wake up though, because listening to my body is my #1 priority above all!

So I'm taking my time with my wake-up schedule, but I'm definitely seeing progress!

Setting morning & nighttime routines has been helpful though to get myself on track & either get myself ready for the day or ready to wind down for the night.

Exercising more & getting on a consistent schedule

This one has also been a little bit of a struggle for me, but with the right exercise, I've been doing great

I have been getting into rock climbing & have been LOVING every second. This type of exercise where I'm not stuck on a machine has been a game-changer for me.

Same with biking (if the weather would warm up in Ohio already!). Getting out into the sun & feeling the wind on my face is so motivating & something I truly love doing.

I love yoga & I want to do it every morning, but getting myself to start has been difficult. I really want to do it, but something stops me! I'm going to try setting my mat out the night before so I have no choice but to start the next morning & see if that works.

Doing more hobbies

This is the one change I implemented that has been so impactful & effective!

My #1 goal is to get off my phone more. I hate seeing "Avg. 6 hrs+" on my screen report every week. It's the worst! So my solution was to do more hobbies.

I took up crocheting in December & was HOOKED (haha, get it?)

I've crocheted hats, clothes, gifts, and more. It gets me off my phone, keeps me focused on a task, and makes me feel good when it's done! Check out a hat I made!

I got a cat!

I got a cat in March! Her name is Marnie & she is the silliest, weirdest girl!

We had a lot of issues at first with getting her to sleep at night. She would just cry & cry by our door! We finally figured it out by letting her sleep in her bed beside our bed. This solved the issue almost immediately!

I've traveled to Cleveland, Orlando + Pittsburgh... So far!

I traveled to Cleveland back in March for a party & I absolutely love it there!

My sister lives in Pittsburgh, so going to see her is always a blast! We went to a Spongebob Rave when I was there, and it was a crazy time! 😂

I recently traveled to Orlando for work & it was a blast!

Next on the list? Rochester, Toronto, Dayton, Cincinnati, Tennessee, and maybe Arizona + Colorado! Lots on the horizon!

I've gained lots of clients!

With my clients from my job & my VA clients combined, I have almost 15 clients right now!

Do I feel a little crazy? Maybe 😅

But do I love my job & all my clients - YES!! It's been a whirlwind to have this much work, but I feel so blessed & lucky to do this everyday & work with the most amazing people doing the coolest stuff!

I'm launching my blog...and a lot more!

My blog is just the start 😉

I'll leave it at that because I don't want to spoil anything, but big things are coming!

Thanks for reading along! Let me know what you've been up to in the comments & I'll chat with you soon!

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