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y o

Your website, socials, and growing business deserve only the best. That's why I've collected all of my projects from over the years & organized them here for you to peruse. Whether it's blog posts, website copy, or social media management, know that you're in the right place for expert services. Enjoy!

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log nten Writig & rapis

Jordyn found that her blog was lacking consistent content, strategy, and viewership. Her busy schedule just didn't allow her to publish as many blogs anymore. She needed someone to take over the writing for her blog and captivate her audience once more. Check out some of the posts I've written, SEO-optimized, and created graphics for on Your Pal Jordyn.


pywriing, nfo Blog, and hw Noe

Thrive's goal is to empower & educate bloggers with the right tools to grow & profit. With my help in writing their informational blogs, podcast show notes, and high-level copy, we were able to attract over 5,000 attendees to their Spring 2020 conference. Not to mention that my Instagram management allowed them to double their following! Check out some of my work below.



Transcrip Editig, rapis & oial

Erika was finding difficulty in repurposing her content. She had so much information that she was comfortable sharing on her YouTube, but she knew she could be repurposing that content for other platforms. Together, we took her YouTube content to expand into blogs, LinkedIn content, graphics, and more!

oial eia evices



oast ssisace

Before working with me in 2020, Shannon had been doing it all on her own. Podcast recordings, show notes, Instagram & email promo... The list goes on. She was stressed, scrambled for time, and stuck. But once hiring me, I completely took over her show notes, podcast intro writing, Instagram promo, and newsletter publishing. Check it out!


ewletter Wriig & eig

Jordyn wanted to bring life back to her newsletter. She had hundreds of fans on her list, but she wasn't giving them consistent content. She needed someone to re-design her newsletters to highlight her fav things of the month. I was able to create a beautiful newsletter through Flodesk that captures her energy & satisfies her audience.



ricl riig

Throughout my time at Ohio University, I seized every opportunity I could to write. I majored in writing, did VA work for writing, and joined the campus magazine - Backdrop Magazine! Check out one of the pieces I interviewed a local meditation instructor for & wrote back in 2018. 

etre 


Screenshot 2022-03-23 5.16.37 PM.png

You want a VA that's experienced. Well, what about certified? I'm a proud (and fully-certified) member of Gina Horkey's Fully Booked VA program!



Marketing Management & Team Leading

PSG wanted to grow their personal brand, start a blog, and expand their internal social media. I assisted in writing blogs, planning content, and managing a team of social media experts. Check out the content I planned, organized, and wrote with the PSG team.

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