hher yo're lanting sees, looing fowes, or florising a gare, let' o it ogthe

y aes & udle


20 hrs/mo. - $797

Ready to take two or three things off your plate? For only 20 hours/month, or around 5 hrs/week, I can be there for those small tasks that are taking up your time. With this package, you get a 1-hr. buffer, just in case!


40 hrs/mo. - $1597

My most popular package! For 10 hrs/week, you can book me for any & all needs. Delegate things you don't have time for or hand things over you don't enjoy anymore! This package comes with a 2-hr. buffer.


60 hrs/mo. - $2397

Big project coming up that you need all hands on deck for? You can book me for 15 hrs/week to assist with big projects or multiple tasks that you need to take off your list. Let's do it together! This package comes with a 2-hr. buffer.