ey, 'm tai!

As a full-time Virtual Assistant based in Columbus, Ohio, I'm here to take your business from barely staying afloat, to thriving & profiting.


From renowned influencers to amazing business owners, I've worked with a wide range of clients over the past 4+ years I've been in business and the past 2 years that I've been in full-time VA mode! I always ensure quality by offering smart, strategic, and customizable solutions for each and every client.

I graduated from Ohio University in 2020 with a BA in English Literature, Marketing, and Journalism, so I know a thing or two! I'm a lover of ceramic-making, biking, singing, playing guitar, cooking, reading, and meeting new people! I'm obsessed with everything 70s & Cher-related. Let's just say if the party is disco-themed, I'm there! My guilty pleasure is the bachelor. I'm also a bit of a concert junkie (maybe a lot-a-bit).


My goal is to go above and beyond in order to deliver unbelievable results to you & your business. When you utilize my expert services, you will be able to focus on what really matters to you.

y erices

Over the years, I've been able to focus in on the things I love doing for clients. And what I really love doing is content creation!

Maybe you need a social media manager to create content, schedule it, and execute a solid marketing strategy...

Maybe you need someone to take over your content/copywriting for your caption strategy, your blog, website, etc...

Maybe you need email marketing help. Your newsletter is struggling, it doesn't look the best, and you want more subs!

Whatever you're story, you're in the right place!